Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Boy Oh Boy!

Yep y'all - you heard me - it's ANOTHER BOY!!! Can you believe??!! I am still in shock! HAHA!!! We had our ultrasound today and he looks so great! The doctor did a complete thorough exam and said he looks totally normal and healthy! PRAISE GOD!!! Of course he had our previous records from my pregnancy and delivery of Alex, and he was so reasurring with us by showing us each parts of this baby's anatomy and explaining how everything looked so good :) I couldn't have asked for a better day!

I know we are so blessed to be having another baby - no matter what the gender - and I just really want to take the time to give God all the glory. He has brought us back from an unimaginable path that He took us down, and through Him we remained strong (if you could call it that) and were able to still see a future ahead.

I pray tonight for each of you who have babies, who are expecting babies, and who long for babies - God knows the desires of all our hearts and He always leads us in the direction we are meant to go. I never would have chosen a path for my life where I had to suffer the loss of my own child - but I know that had I been in charge - I wouldn't be who I am at this very moment.

Praise God for He is good. Thank you Father for blessing us with ALL these beautiful boys and for blessing me with my husband.

Here is a picture of our new baby - he was obviously tired of us calling HIM a girl! HAHA!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Less Than 24 hrs...

Ok - I know - I'm a dork! But I am sooo excited for tomorrow! Are you wondering what for? Well - let me remind you in case you have forgotten...

IT'S MY ULTRASOUND!!! Hopefully we will get to find out if there's a boy or a girl in my belly!

And of course I am most concerned that the baby is healthy!

Please keep us in your prayers! I will update as soon as we get back home!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Movies & Baseball

Yesterday was a good family day! The 4 of us, well 5 ha!, went to the movies to see Up - so cute! It was Ryan's 1st time, not counting infant in carrier sleeping, to the movies and I wasn't sure how that would turn out. He actually did very well and he sat still and watched the whole thing! YAY! The movie was in 3-D, so we all had our 3-D glasses to watch the movie - so funny! (Please excuse the horrible pics, a certain someone - Aidan - broke my camera the other day and I can no longer use the screen, so these pics are looking thru the peephole the size of a pen point! And, I know, SHOCKER ALERT, Roy is wearing a 49ers shirt :)! )

After the movie we came home and rested before Aidan's baseball game. They are playing in the City Championship, which is a 2-game elimination. Last night was their 2nd game - they won the 1 st one 13~1 against Robinson - and last night they played Lorena and won 16~1! GO PROFILES!!! Sorry I don't have any pics from the game - remember my camera - thanks Boo~Boo :)!

Today is a lazy day! YAY! I made omelets for breakfast and now we are just hanging out on the couch watching movies!

And update on Ryan's potty training status - he is doing AMAZING! GO RYRY!!!

And one more thing - 3 more days till my ultrasound! WHOO~HOO! Can't wait!