Friday, June 22, 2012


i'm sad to say there has not been much going on in our little world lately.  we had a nice father's day - which also happened to fall on my birthday this year - so we had double the fun ;)  who makes who breakfast in these situations???  i say my birthday trumps his father's day considering he wouldn't be a father had i not been born.  no?  yes?  anybody???

anyway - we hung around the house most of the day after church and then that evening roy's parents came over to watch the boys so the two of us - yes - just the two of us! - could go out to dinner.  it was such a nice treat!  we went to bj's brewhouse + restaurant - we just got one and it opened about 2 wks ago - and it was delish!  their pizzas - i die.  roy pursuaded me to not get dessert and to my surprise when we got home - his mom had made me a chocolate cake :)  they all sang happy birthday and we had cake and ice cream.  it was so good!

oh - and one more happy memory - roy got me an iPad for my birthday!  yay me!  i love.  and i might or might not have already read the first two books of the fifty shades trilogy and am halfway thru book 3...  just sayin'...

we have some family coming in town this weekend and us girls are getting pedi's in the morning and then we are all heading to the new hawaiian falls water park for the day.  can't wait!

aidan's birthday is in less than two weeks - july 2 i will officially have a teenager.  eeek!


oh - we also snuck away to go see madagascar 3.  it was really cute and the boys loved it!

hope y'all have a good weekend!  happy hotness :P

Sunday, June 10, 2012

What we've been up to this week...

we have had one heck of a busy week!  we had VBS each morning from 9am - 12noon at church - and i was a leader with a group of 6 5th graders.  aidan was my assistant leader and we had a blast each day!  ryan and cole got to enjoy VBS also in their classes and they woke up excited each morning to get ready and go!


on thursday our children's ministry director talked on stage to all the kiddos and explained to them how much JESUS loves them and how important it is to ask HIM into their hearts. she prayed a special prayer with everyone and asked for those who took that prayer seriously and had asked JESUS into their hearts for the first time to let their leaders know so we could write down their name and phone numbers to turn in for follow up calls. after she was done speaking - one of my kiddos came to me and told me that he had prayed that prayer and truly believed that JESUS was his savior. oh. my. i got so emotional and my eyes just welled up with tears. i couldn't have been smiling any bigger!!! i am so happy for him and i hope he knows what an important decision he has made!

we also had lots 'o fun at the ymca this week!  we went just about everyday after cole's nap.  i would go workout while aidan played basketball and the little boys went to their class and played.  then - we would all go swimming after.  the boys love swimming and really had such a fun time!  ryan is the most timid in the water - but each day he got a little braver ;)  now he's pretty much a fish like his brothers!

we have been practicing writing letters with ryan and this week he wrote his name by himself for the first time!  he was so proud of himself and i must say - i was very proud also!  he's getting so big and learning so well.  only a 2+ months till kindergarten...eeek...

i am loving summer so far and it's just getting started!  i love being able to be home and spend this time with my boys - even if they might have driven me crazy one or two times this week ;)