Sunday, April 29, 2012

Just Call Me Martha

so...i got a little crafty this weekend.  i love crafts, but don't always have faith in myself that i can make them all.  but - this weekend i decided i was gettin' crafty!

i'm addicted to pinterest - shocker! - and have found some of the best ideas off of there.  the thing about pinterest is - you find all these cute ideas - and then never do/make anything.  well - times are a'changin'!  i want to have a pinterest party one day - doesn't that sound so fun?!

ok - so here we go:

project #1 - i LOVE using old windows as frames.  i went to a place we have downtown called waco restore and picked up an old window from there.  they are $2 a pane - and mine was only one pane - so you know what that means - yep! - $2!  then i went to hobby lobby in hopes of finding some turquoise spray paint - but couldn't find the color i wanted - so i just got some acrylic craft paint in the color i wanted. 

i cleaned the window off - and by clean i mean i wiped the frame down with a towel and glass-plused the window :)  and got to painting.  i used two coats and was so excited with the outcome!  i originally ordered a 16x20 picture of my boys from easter to use - but after painting it - it didn't go right.  so i switched pictures out.  i put a black + white picture of them that i had in another frame in this one and then put the new picture in the other.  and i just used my handy little glue gun to glue the pictures down!

this is the before:

and this is the after:


sorry about the tv in the reflection there.  basically i was too lazy to cut it off.  just keepin' it real.

and here's the frame i did the picture switch-a-roo with:


project #2 - i made two soap dispensers out of mason jars.  who doesn't love a mason jar?!  i pinned how to make it from here and i am not lying when i say it was so EASY!!!  i made a big one and a small one - big for my dishwashing soap in the kitchen and small for hand soap in the bathroom.  please pray my boys don't somehow find a way to break it.  eeek.

here it is all pretty and filled with soap:

project #3 - i'm obsessed with canvas' and saw these on etsy.  well - needless to say - i thought that surely i could make one myself.  and so i did.  :)

i knew the phrase i wanted to use without even thinking about it.  i love mercy me and their song "i can only imagine" means the world to me.  it speaks my heart about losing alex and what it will be like in heaven when we are reunited and seeing jesus' face when He hands him to me.  oh how i love and miss that baby boy so much...  the verse goes "will i sing hallelujah, will i be able to speak at all, i can only imagine."  i can only imagine.

i might make another canvas with the rest of that one verse to hang below it.  not sure yet...

i had fun making all this.  and i love now looking around my house and seeing them each in their new spots.  makes me happy!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012


i have more catching up to do - but it's the last 2 weeks of school for me - so i thought i'd make this short and sweet with some iPhone pics of my boys!

i just downloaded the blogger app on my phone - am i behind or what?!?!

and i'm not real sure how this is going to bare with me!

one more thought: my heart is heavy from reading about all the children who have been taken from us too soon. i'm still going thru each story. i go to bed every night with swollen eyes as i cry with each of y'all. praying, praying, praying.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Sweet Baby Alex

i am linking up with kelly's korner again this week.  this week's link-up is for mom's who have lost children.  unfortunately, i am one of those moms.  i wrote about alex's story in a post about a year and a half ago, so i am just going to link to it here. 

i miss our sweet boy more than words can even describe. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Playing Catch-up and Weighing In...

i have a lot of blogging catching up to do!  i started on some of it today and was able to at least get aidan's 12th birthday posted and cole's 2nd birthday posted.  i even figured out how to post them in the correct order :)  i'm a genius.  you can find them here and here.

i also want to mention about my weight loss journey.  i think it will help hold me accountable and be fun to go back and be able to read about my journey on here.  i love that it's called a journey - it really is just that!

i joined weight watchers february of last year and as of june of last year had lost right at 25 lbs.  i was so proud of myself and was ready to keep on trucking.  well - i had to stop paying for weight watchers then because we just needed to cut back and that was one bill that got cut.  i thought it would be no biggie and i could just continue on my own - but after a few weeks i fell off the bandwagon and never jumped back on.  then the holidays came - and i mean there's no control at that point!!!

so just to put it out there - i gained back ALL 25 lbs PLUS another 5.  kill. me. now.  ugh!!!

well - on march 31 of this year - i joined back.  thank you hubby :)  i am weighing in on wednesday mornings and as of this morning's weigh in - i have lost exactly 5 lbs.  i have a LOOOOOONG ways to go to get to goal - but i'm taking it one pound at a time.  i mean - is there really any other way?  i know it works and it's not a hard concept - so no turning back!

ok - welp - cole is waking up from his nap and it's time to go get aidan from school!  back to it :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Open Wide

yesterday the boys all had dentist appointments at 9am.  why i do this to myself i'll never know.  really it wasn't that bad.  this was a new dentist for all 3 of them, so i needed to get there early to get paperwork and insurance done. 

aidan ended up not being able to be seen for other reasons - long story - so roy took him off to school and it was me and the littles.  thankfully he made it back in time before we were called back :)  but - just to throw this in there - the nurse (is that what they're called at the dentist?) called them back and i got up and got them gathered up and roy says to me, "do you want me to come back there or you got it?"  i just looked at him - like he was dumb - and walked on.  needless to say - he followed.  geez.

i must admit - they did really well!  ryan was perfection - like always! - and cole was pretty cooperative too.  i was proud of them and really like this new dentist!  we LOVE our old dentist, but due to insurance change, had to switch :(  oh well.

but - i was so involved in the newness - i never took my camera out once we went back!  only waiting room pictures...boooo!!!

and just as a side note - look how long this boy's hair has gotten ;)  love. it.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


i'm so glad i blogged on friday for the link~up.  i found so many fellow boy momma bloggers and i'm excited to start stalking reading their blogs ;) 

clearly i have not been the most consistent blogger of all times, but i want to be.  i really want to have this little blog made into books that i can always have to look back on.  and maybe an added bonus to that will be that my boys will appreciate it all one day.  or maybe their wives.  eeek...daughter~in~laws...okay that's a whole 'nother post...moving on...

this weekend a few things happened:

i have vouched to blog more consistently.
the alternator in my expedition went out.  yay.
i got a lot of laundry caught up. this picture would be how my little boys take their folded laundry and put it on their dresser...they need practice in that area. 

i got a lot of homework done.

my boys pretty much ransacked my house while having a good 'ole time. 

roy worked pretty much all weekend, but ryan managed to get some snuggle time with daddy.

aidan only came out of his room to eat, other than that he was on his xbox. life of an almost teenager...

i cooked.  all weekend.  every meal.  this is huge.

ok, i guess that pretty much sums it up.

i might go back and do some catch~up blogging throughout this week ~ just to be able to have it on here for the future :)  obviously the order will be completely out of whack ~ but who cares really?!?!

p.s. ~ all 3 boys have dentist appointments in the morning.  pray for me.

Friday, April 13, 2012


so...i's been awhile...but kelly's korner is doing a link-up for MOMS OF ALL BOYS and i just couldn't resist ;)

i have 4 boys, one is already in heaven and three are still with us.  i LOVE being a boy momma.  my boys are fun and silly and dirty and loud and they just fill our home with laughter every. single. day.

it's funny because people ALWAYS ask us if we are going to try for a girl and i have to laugh.  my usual response to that is, "how do you think we've ended up with all these boys?!?!"  ha! 

our oldest son is aidan.  he is 12 and in 7th grade.  he is my first true love.  i had no idea what love like this was until he was born.  he is handsome and funny and shows me his love daily - he is a momma's boy even still...

alex is our second son.  he was born still on march 26, 2006.  we loved on him for as long as we could until we had to say goodbye.  he will always be my sweet baby boy.  we are closer to seeing him as each day passes.

our third son is ryan.  he is 5 and starts kindergarten in the fall.  he is our blessing after our loss.  our calm after the storm.  he has no idea how he helped heal our hearts.  he is sweet and shy and has a servant's heart. 

our youngest son is cole.  he is 2 and is wild.  he completes our family and always keeps us laughing.  he is dramatic and crazy and demanding.  but i wouldn't want him any other way.

boys are all around me and are the center of my life.  they make me feel like the most important person in their world every day.  watching them become best friends is my greatest blessing.