Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2 Sick Boys :(

Well, I have had 2 sick boys this week. Monday, I had to go pick Aidan up from school around 10:00 am because he had gotten sick. He stayed home Tuesday also because he still wasn't feeling great and I wanted to give him a good 24 hrs before sending him back. So off he went this morning...of course due to the bad weather last night, school didn't start till 10:00 am...which was good as it gave him some extra sleeping time! He seemed good to go this morning!

As for Ryan, he woke up last night at about 12:15 am just crying and crying. We put him in bed with us thinking maybe he had had a bad dream or something. He was just so fussy, and seemed like he had some gas. So I rubbed his tummy and held him and was finally able to get him back to sleep. Well...not for about 4:00 this morning, he just sat straight up in our bed and just started vomiting everywhere! It was awful! It was all over him, me, and our bed! I scooped him up and ran into the bathroom and stripped him down. I ran some warm water and gave him a quick bath while my wonderful hubby changed our bed linens and put all the dirty stuff in the wash. We got it all cleaned up and got back in bed, this time with some extra towels and a bowl! :) He got sick a few more times over the next couple of hours, but finally was able to get some sleep. I took his temp and it was 101, but didn't give him anything till about 2:oo this afternoon. Sure didn't want him losing his medicine too! I gave him some Pedialite with his Tylenol and he sucked that down so fast! Poor baby! It's almost 4:00 pm now and he seems so much better! I just made him a piece of toast, which he ate about half of, and now he's playing in the floor. I'm hoping we are nearing the end of all this sickness!


Miranda said...

I dont know what worse a sick baby or throw up in your bed. POOR EVERYBODY.. But I am glad that they are on the road to recovery.

Anonymous said...

thats what happened to kinley. the night my sis stayed with us she was up allll night. only sleeping about 4 hrs tops. then the next night she threw up everywhere. and has had diarrhea since. poor babies. hope they are all better now!

Anonymous said...

oh & have u ever tasted the pedialite?? BARRFFFF i cant believe they like it!! so nasty! my cousin said to get the gerber brand bc it tastes better but i still cant find it anywhere.