Sunday, June 7, 2009

Movies & Baseball

Yesterday was a good family day! The 4 of us, well 5 ha!, went to the movies to see Up - so cute! It was Ryan's 1st time, not counting infant in carrier sleeping, to the movies and I wasn't sure how that would turn out. He actually did very well and he sat still and watched the whole thing! YAY! The movie was in 3-D, so we all had our 3-D glasses to watch the movie - so funny! (Please excuse the horrible pics, a certain someone - Aidan - broke my camera the other day and I can no longer use the screen, so these pics are looking thru the peephole the size of a pen point! And, I know, SHOCKER ALERT, Roy is wearing a 49ers shirt :)! )

After the movie we came home and rested before Aidan's baseball game. They are playing in the City Championship, which is a 2-game elimination. Last night was their 2nd game - they won the 1 st one 13~1 against Robinson - and last night they played Lorena and won 16~1! GO PROFILES!!! Sorry I don't have any pics from the game - remember my camera - thanks Boo~Boo :)!

Today is a lazy day! YAY! I made omelets for breakfast and now we are just hanging out on the couch watching movies!

And update on Ryan's potty training status - he is doing AMAZING! GO RYRY!!!

And one more thing - 3 more days till my ultrasound! WHOO~HOO! Can't wait!

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