Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Birthday To You!

Today is Cole's 1st birthday!  WOW!!!  This year really has flown by.  I can't belive that my sweet baby is already one.  It makes me have teary eyes thinking about how much he has grown and changed over the last 12 months. 

Cole ~

You truely are the sweetest thing.  You are such a blessing and such a bright light in my life.  You have completed our family in so many ways.  I feel like the two of us have such a special bond shared by nobody else, and I love that.  I love holding you at night and just watching you look at me with those big, brown eyes and I wonder what is going on in that head of yours.  You just smile at me and laugh - all behind that passy!  I know how fast the years go by and I just really want to remember all the little things that make my heart so full with you.  I love how when I hold you now you lay your head on my shoulder and hold me back.  I love that you really don't want anyone else but me :)  It's a funny game to see if you will go to Daddy or Aidan, you pretend like you will and then laugh and hold on even tighter to me.  I love the bond you and Ryan share.  Y'all love each other so much and are just the best of friends.  I hope and pray that lasts forever.  You love Aidan and just laugh at him and climb all over him.  I think you know that he is your biggest brother and that he will always protect you.  I love that your nickname of "Deet" has stuck and now everybody calls you that!  You even got a birthday card today that said Deet Rodriguez :)  So cute!  I love you so much Cole Frances.  Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!!

This morning we took Cole to IHOP for breakfast.  He loves scrambled eggs and pancakes and he sure did enjoy it ALL today!  Aidan was at school so it was me, Roy, Ryan, and Cole, and then Uncle Bert met us too.

On our way was COLD and RAINY :(

Waiting on his birthday breakfast :)

Ryan loves IHOP too!

After we left from there, we headed to Walmart to get some last minute stuff for the party on Saturday and then spent the rest of the afternoon at home.  The weather was just too cold and wet to have both of them out.  The boys napped and we just relaxed.  Roy's parents and his brother and our niece and nephew came over for dinner and cake/cupcakes.

Cole loves the song OMG by Usher and Will.I.Am - it is the funniest thing ever!  Roy was playing the video here and stopped Cole dead in his tracks so he could watch and dance :)

Looking at his card from his Godmother a.k.a my BFF Nikki :)

An attempt to get a picture of all the boys...

Not so much.  HA!

Sweet smile :)

Cupcakes and cake I made.  It was yummy!

Wasn't a fan of all of us singing Happy Birthday :(

Well...ok...let's see what this is all about...

Ok...not so bad...


A bite for Pawpaw...

OK...this is GOOD...!!! :)

By the time he was done, his entire face was covered in chocolate!  Off to the tub he went!  We had a fantastic day and can't wait to celebrate with ALL of our friends and family on Saturday!!!

Happy Birthday, Deet!!!

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