Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan...

I just wanted to jot down a few things that Ryan has said over the past few weeks.  He just totally cracks me up everyday and I do not want to forget one bit of it!

Here are some of the funny things he has told me...

"You're my favorite Mommy!"

"When I be a Mommy I can cook!"

"You need to get a new Ryan."  I said "Why?"  Then he said, "Cause this one doesn't listen!"

The other night he was taking pictures of me with my phone and he said, "I'm gonna put these pictures on Facebook!"

Those are just a few of the hilarious things he says on a daily basis!  He just brings so much joy to my heart and makes me smile :)  I am so blessed!

 I love this boy so much!

1 comment:

Miranda said...

LOVE IT!!! makes me wonder what crazy little things Macy will tell me one day. HA But Ryan's by far is telling you to get a new Ryan Rodriguez because this one doesn't listen.