Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Days...or Day...

On Thursday night we got a big snowfall!  It snowed for a couple of hours and when it was done we had about 3 inches or so.  The boys were so excited when they woke up Friday morning to see everything covered in a blanket of SNOW!  Schools were closed, so we bundled up and headed out to play :)

Cole was not thrilled by the snow...

Aidan was ready to fire off a snowball at somebody!

Ryan thought it was "AWESOME!"

Poor Cole :(

Aidan and Ryan starting their snowball fight!

Cole stayed snuggled with me on the front porch :)

Ryan starting to build a snowman...

That's about as far as the snowman making got.  They were cold and over it!  Haha!  Can you tell we are true Texans?!

It was so pretty to see the snow everywhere, but I am sure glad it only happens maybe once a year!  

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