Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy #12, Aidan!

happy 12th birthday to our first born!!!  wow!  12 years...where has the time gone???  i know this sounds cliche - but it really does go fast.  i remember like it was yesterday walking back to my apartment from the pool and feeling my water break - that was an experience!  good thing i was already wet ;)

how could i have ever known how much my life was about to change.  the overwhelming feeling of hearing that first cry and seeing that baby for the first time still makes my heart skip a beat as i think about it now.  i was instantly in love.

aidan - you are my one and only.  my first true love.  i had no idea what was in store and man has it been a ride!  i love every aspect of your being - even the smart mouth ;)  you are inspiring and an absolute joy in my life.  i love you so, so much!

we surprised aidan this year with a trip to arlington for his first RANGERS game!  they played on his actual birthday and we had a blast!  it was just me, roy, and aidan and i must admit - it was fun to just be the 3 of us :)

we took him to lunch first at his favorite - the cheesecake factory - YUM! 

 they spelled his name wrong - but it's chocolate - so you can't really complain ;)

and then we headed to the ball park.  we LOVE our RANGERS and had an absolute blast!  i made aidan a sign to hold up during the game - heehee!

i love this picture of him looking up and taking in the view for the first time as we walked in.  makes me have tears...

july in texas - it's hot!

i think it's safe to say - he had fun!

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~Shelly~ said...

no better way to celebrate a birthday than with the rangers! its usually what we do for my bday-- IN AUGUST-- ugh the heat!