Thursday, November 3, 2011

He's 2!

my baby boy is 2 today!  i'm not sure how i feel about this?!?!  i just had him last tuesday!!!  i just love this boy with all my heart.  he has completed our family and has definitely made his mark!

he is witty and silly and dirty and loves to be in control.  i mean LOVES it.  he is demanding and dramatic, but is cuddly and snuggly and sweet.  he loves his momma and thinks his daddy is the funniest.  his bubba (aidan) is an idol and his brother (ryan) hung the moon.  he calls aidan bubba and ryan brother - and i love it.  and we all know him as DEET!

cole frances - i love you more than words.  you are so special to me and just my little angel baby.  i might or might not have spoiled you rotten since you are the first one i've been able to stay home with ;)  i'm sure you'll grow out of it one day...  i love how much you love to snuggle and kiss.  you are so sweet and affectionate, but you can hold your own too.  you are controlling and demanding and only your way is the acceptable way.  we are working on this...  i wouldn't change you for the world.  i love you sweet boy.

we celebrated cole's birthday at a jumping place and it was so fun!  our family and friends came to celebrate with us and cole loved every minute of it - unless i was pulling him away to take pictures!

the theme for his party was - of course - dinosaurs!  he LOVES dinosaurs and was so excited to see his cake!

i love the look on his face in this picture with mimi!  can we say attitude?!?!

our little family of 5 :)

isn't his birthday shirt the cutest?!?!  i got it from here!

we loved celebrating cole's 2nd birthday!  i think he loved it too!!!

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