Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jack's Big Music Show

So...Ryan's FAVORITE show is Jack's Big Music Show...he LOVES it!!! He will bring you the remote and say Jack, precious! I have decided that I am going to do his party theme with Jack, but unfortunately there are NO party supplies to buy with the theme. SAD!!! So...I am going to be "supermom" and make all the decorations and invitations (well...with some help from Shelly's husband on the invitations :) ) and see how it goes... I am still trying to decide where to have his party, so any suggestions would be great! We are thinking about the Mayborn Museum, but haven't decided for sure...anyway...we are hoping to have the party on March 21. I will keep you posted!

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Anonymous said...

mayborn is cute. there is also a jump house thingy in woodway..? i have a friend whos had partys there so i can ask where its at. i think its by londonderry. and jeffrey said thats cool, he'll get er done!! ill email u