Sunday, February 1, 2009


OMG!!!!!!!! I just won $450 on a Superbowl Pot!!! Can you believe it! I am so excited!!! Now maybe I can buy my new camera!!! WHOO~HOO!!! My numbers were 7 & 7 and the pot payed forwards and backwards, which was AWESOME for me since I had the same numbers! So, thanks to the Steelers intercepting in the 2nd quarter and running 100+ yards back for a touchdown, I won the 2nd quarter!!! What a blessing in such a FUN way!!! I must admit we were cheering for the Cardinals because if the Steelers won then they would be the 1st to 6 Superbowls. you all now know...the Steelers came back and won it and now have 6 Superbowls under their belt! Oh, well...there's always next year...GO NINERS!!!


Anonymous said...

man we were on a pot but couldnt get lucky! we had 3 squares too. i was kinda going for the cards just bc warner is HOT STUFF!!!!!!!! hhehehe but i didnt really care who won. well congrats on the money honey! buy me a beer! im jk!

Miranda said...

Yeah for you. NIKON's are the BEST cameras..... We didn't do anything for the super bowl, no pots, no party's nothing. I made 7 layer dip that ended up just being 6 layers and fixed some little smokies. Got in our PJ's and watched the game. I wanted the Steelers to win and Jeff wanted the Cardinals to win. So I guess you can imagine who was excited when the game was over.