Sunday, October 3, 2010

Waco AZTECS Baseball

Last weekend we traveled to Cleburne for Aidan and his team to play in their first tournament.  It was pouring down when we got there, so we had a 2-hour rain delay.  We decided to head over to Waffle House to get some yummy breakfast :)

Me & the Hubby

Aidan & his teammate Diego
(we think it's funny when we yell for him when he's up to bat - Go Diego Go!)

Bella & Robert supporting their favorite cousin ;)

Unfortunately, that's all the fun we had in Cleburne.  The whole tournament was canceled due to the weather :(

So this weekend they played in a tournament in Waxahachie...they played two games Saturday...

 Let's go 7!!!

And one game Sunday...

 Got walked to 1st...

Waiting on the batter to send him home...

Aidan got to pitch :)

He did so good!

Love this picture :)

Aidan does not normally pitch...he normally plays 1st base or center field.  I was so excited for him!  He was nervous, but he did really good :)  His coaches told him he did GREAT and they plan to start working with him on pitching.  Seeing him up there just makes my heart smile - I almost cried :)

Too bad they lost all three games - bad - real bad - but hey, who's keeping track ;) Ha!

They have a lot of growing to do as a team, but at least they have their first tournament behind them!  Haha!

Each of these boys are GREAT baseball players - it just takes time as a new team to get it all together - but we will keep the FAITH!


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Girl Child said...

Nicoooooole.. how funny.. were both Nicoles.. we both have Aidens.. mines Ayden.. we're like almost twins.. hehe.. well.. lemme read some old posts and learn some more aboutcha..