Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ryan is a 5 year old!

today ryan turns 5!  my sweet, shy, soft-spoken boy.  {sigh}  5 is a big deal!  it's the turning point from pre-schooler to kindergartener - that's a big milestone!!!

i can't believe he is 5 already.  he will start kindergarten in the fall and he is just turning into such a big boy.  he is just the best thing ever and loves us to no end.  he loves to be snuggled between his mommy and daddy and always tells us he doesn't want to get married and be a daddy - he wants to live with us forever :)  wonder how long that will last! 

we had his birthday party at the bowling alley and it was so fun!  it wasn't a huge party - but still a success!  he wanted a power rangers theme and a red ranger cake - so that is exactly what he got.

{my love}

{his cute birthday shirt! - i got it from here}

{silly cole frances}

{i promise roy wasn't texting!  he was pulling up his camera!}

we all had a fun day - especially the birthday boy!  i love you ryan alex!  you are such a blessing to me.

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Tesha said...

He is sooooo cut i just love little boys. What a blessed birthday. Happy Birthday RYAN!!!!!