Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Open Wide

yesterday the boys all had dentist appointments at 9am.  why i do this to myself i'll never know.  really it wasn't that bad.  this was a new dentist for all 3 of them, so i needed to get there early to get paperwork and insurance done. 

aidan ended up not being able to be seen for other reasons - long story - so roy took him off to school and it was me and the littles.  thankfully he made it back in time before we were called back :)  but - just to throw this in there - the nurse (is that what they're called at the dentist?) called them back and i got up and got them gathered up and roy says to me, "do you want me to come back there or you got it?"  i just looked at him - like he was dumb - and walked on.  needless to say - he followed.  geez.

i must admit - they did really well!  ryan was perfection - like always! - and cole was pretty cooperative too.  i was proud of them and really like this new dentist!  we LOVE our old dentist, but due to insurance change, had to switch :(  oh well.

but - i was so involved in the newness - i never took my camera out once we went back!  only waiting room pictures...boooo!!!

and just as a side note - look how long this boy's hair has gotten ;)  love. it.

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Girl Child said...

it's because ur super mom and he thinks you can do it all =) it was really a compliment.. or at least that's what I tell myself when my hubs says something similar.. and the best part is we're just breeding more of them! LOL