Sunday, April 15, 2012


i'm so glad i blogged on friday for the link~up.  i found so many fellow boy momma bloggers and i'm excited to start stalking reading their blogs ;) 

clearly i have not been the most consistent blogger of all times, but i want to be.  i really want to have this little blog made into books that i can always have to look back on.  and maybe an added bonus to that will be that my boys will appreciate it all one day.  or maybe their wives.  eeek...daughter~in~laws...okay that's a whole 'nother post...moving on...

this weekend a few things happened:

i have vouched to blog more consistently.
the alternator in my expedition went out.  yay.
i got a lot of laundry caught up. this picture would be how my little boys take their folded laundry and put it on their dresser...they need practice in that area. 

i got a lot of homework done.

my boys pretty much ransacked my house while having a good 'ole time. 

roy worked pretty much all weekend, but ryan managed to get some snuggle time with daddy.

aidan only came out of his room to eat, other than that he was on his xbox. life of an almost teenager...

i cooked.  all weekend.  every meal.  this is huge.

ok, i guess that pretty much sums it up.

i might go back and do some catch~up blogging throughout this week ~ just to be able to have it on here for the future :)  obviously the order will be completely out of whack ~ but who cares really?!?!

p.s. ~ all 3 boys have dentist appointments in the morning.  pray for me.


Andrea @Twins happen said...

Hi darling! Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my little bloggy blog! I am now following you :) You have a beautiful family. I especially love the picture of the your little one with daddy :) So sweet.

Shannon said...

New follower from Mom Blog hop.
~Shannon @ mommy of one and Counting

Girl Child said...

Hey stranger! I just now saw ya left me comments.. I'm hopping on your boat of blogging more.. =) you are going to school?? I'll have to read up about that.. I just graduated last May.. I took online courses for years!!! to get my Associates.. its really hard with kids.. but makes ya feel good when your done.. =) Good luck! but Biggest Loser is on so I gotsta go..