Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Playing Catch-up and Weighing In...

i have a lot of blogging catching up to do!  i started on some of it today and was able to at least get aidan's 12th birthday posted and cole's 2nd birthday posted.  i even figured out how to post them in the correct order :)  i'm a genius.  you can find them here and here.

i also want to mention about my weight loss journey.  i think it will help hold me accountable and be fun to go back and be able to read about my journey on here.  i love that it's called a journey - it really is just that!

i joined weight watchers february of last year and as of june of last year had lost right at 25 lbs.  i was so proud of myself and was ready to keep on trucking.  well - i had to stop paying for weight watchers then because we just needed to cut back and that was one bill that got cut.  i thought it would be no biggie and i could just continue on my own - but after a few weeks i fell off the bandwagon and never jumped back on.  then the holidays came - and i mean there's no control at that point!!!

so just to put it out there - i gained back ALL 25 lbs PLUS another 5.  kill. me. now.  ugh!!!

well - on march 31 of this year - i joined back.  thank you hubby :)  i am weighing in on wednesday mornings and as of this morning's weigh in - i have lost exactly 5 lbs.  i have a LOOOOOONG ways to go to get to goal - but i'm taking it one pound at a time.  i mean - is there really any other way?  i know it works and it's not a hard concept - so no turning back!

ok - welp - cole is waking up from his nap and it's time to go get aidan from school!  back to it :)

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~Shelly~ said...

I KNOW how that is, going up and down! I lost 27lbs doing the Medi Weight Loss stuff/adkins diet. And gained it alllllllll back when I stopped paying to go. :( Then I lost all my baby weight plus 12 more lbs after Presley & its already back plus some!! I just like food too much :( And Dr Peppers..sorry just cant give them up. U will do it again~good luck with everything!!