Sunday, April 29, 2012

Just Call Me Martha

so...i got a little crafty this weekend.  i love crafts, but don't always have faith in myself that i can make them all.  but - this weekend i decided i was gettin' crafty!

i'm addicted to pinterest - shocker! - and have found some of the best ideas off of there.  the thing about pinterest is - you find all these cute ideas - and then never do/make anything.  well - times are a'changin'!  i want to have a pinterest party one day - doesn't that sound so fun?!

ok - so here we go:

project #1 - i LOVE using old windows as frames.  i went to a place we have downtown called waco restore and picked up an old window from there.  they are $2 a pane - and mine was only one pane - so you know what that means - yep! - $2!  then i went to hobby lobby in hopes of finding some turquoise spray paint - but couldn't find the color i wanted - so i just got some acrylic craft paint in the color i wanted. 

i cleaned the window off - and by clean i mean i wiped the frame down with a towel and glass-plused the window :)  and got to painting.  i used two coats and was so excited with the outcome!  i originally ordered a 16x20 picture of my boys from easter to use - but after painting it - it didn't go right.  so i switched pictures out.  i put a black + white picture of them that i had in another frame in this one and then put the new picture in the other.  and i just used my handy little glue gun to glue the pictures down!

this is the before:

and this is the after:


sorry about the tv in the reflection there.  basically i was too lazy to cut it off.  just keepin' it real.

and here's the frame i did the picture switch-a-roo with:


project #2 - i made two soap dispensers out of mason jars.  who doesn't love a mason jar?!  i pinned how to make it from here and i am not lying when i say it was so EASY!!!  i made a big one and a small one - big for my dishwashing soap in the kitchen and small for hand soap in the bathroom.  please pray my boys don't somehow find a way to break it.  eeek.

here it is all pretty and filled with soap:

project #3 - i'm obsessed with canvas' and saw these on etsy.  well - needless to say - i thought that surely i could make one myself.  and so i did.  :)

i knew the phrase i wanted to use without even thinking about it.  i love mercy me and their song "i can only imagine" means the world to me.  it speaks my heart about losing alex and what it will be like in heaven when we are reunited and seeing jesus' face when He hands him to me.  oh how i love and miss that baby boy so much...  the verse goes "will i sing hallelujah, will i be able to speak at all, i can only imagine."  i can only imagine.

i might make another canvas with the rest of that one verse to hang below it.  not sure yet...

i had fun making all this.  and i love now looking around my house and seeing them each in their new spots.  makes me happy!



Mrs. Howard said...

Oh my goodness!! Pinterest is my demise and the source of a million ideas to make me a better mom, crafter, etc. A double edged sword! I love the mason soap jars! So cute!

Miranda said...

love it all.

Tesha said...

Can you believe I have never been on Pinterest? I know shocking one of these days I will get around to it:) I am a real relationship girl so I would rather read a blog and get inspired that way! I love the frame idea, it came out super cute!

Girl Child said...

oh em gee Martha.. I LOVE the window frames.. especially that u kept the rope!!!! Uber cute..

Jenny said...

Love this!! I have a window that I'm about to hang to use as a frame....just haven't had time to finish cleaning it! I love that idea!! I love it...all of these are super cute!!