Friday, May 4, 2012


eeek!  it's been a looooong week.  i just have some random stuff i want to download from my brain!  so i'm doing a bullet post :)  in no particular order, might i add.

  • wednesday i weighed in.  we'll just leave it at that. :(

  • my last day of regular classes for this semester was thursday.  yay!  my finals are on tuesday and thursday next week and then i am DONE for the semester.

  • aidan keeps forgetting that he's only 12.  trying this week to reel him back to reality.

{he took this of himself - if only he knew it would end up here!  bwahaha!!!}

  • speaking of aidan - we went to dinner last night and some high school girls walked in and sat by us.  his face turned beet red.  i'm not a fan.  girls.  ugh.

  • my eyes have been bloodshot and itchy/sore for the past few days.  i didn't really think much of it - just chalked it up to my contacts.  well i woke up this morning to take aidan to school and could barely see to drive.  my eyes looked horrible and were like a water faucet.  i called the eye doctor - after i texted my nurse friends a pic ;) - and was able to be seen this morning.  come to find out i have a bacterial infection in both eyes and inflammation.  nice.  so antibiotic eye drops 4 times a day for 5 days and then i go back to be re-checked.  i must admit the drops are already making them feel better!

{i know this picture is not pretty.  i apologize for that.}

  • i got to have a girls only dinner with 2 fun friends wednesday night and a girls only lunch with 2 other fun friends on thursday!  it might snow now.  ;)

  • i haven't been doing so hot on walking lately - so i made myself go tonight for 20 minutes.  i was proud of myself afterwards!  and very sweaty. 

  • i found out about this jewerly website from another blogger and i am in love.  i mean real love.  she has the cutest jewelry on her website.  you must check it out!  i bought this necklace and am dying for it to come in!!!

  • one of my besties is way too crafty.  she found some RANGERS painted toms on etsy and decided to make some herself.  i died when she showed me and now she's making me some!  whoo-hoo!  can't wait to sport them!

  • we register ryan for kindergarten next tuesday.  i am already crying.  oh how i wish i could rewind time.  {sigh}

  • still no news on baylor.  i've been accepted - yes - but still waiting on scholarship awards.  will y'all pray for that please?!  times a'tickin' and i'm poor!!!  ha!

  • and just because he's so cute - here's a video of cole that roy took the other night.  roy is a huge 49ers fan and is brainwashing my boys.  they love them too!  the 49ers coach was videotaped last season in the locker room during their huddle saying, "whose got it better than us?" and the players responded, "nobody!"  so roy has played it enough that the boys know it by heart!  there's even a song.  i'll spare you that. 

that's my week of thoughts in a nutshell!  i'm so ready for summer! 


Tesha said...

LOve your randomness have a great weekend!

Rachelle H said...

Hey--we are in Waco as well! (and friends with the Castles) I saw your blog on Kelly's Korner. I am sorry about the loss of your baby--we lost our first baby. . .I wanted to let you know that we have an organization in Waco called Cradled if you or anyone you know needs support after the loss of a baby (through miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant loss). We have social gatherings (to just meet up and chat) as well as support groups (for any stage of grief--some it has been many years, others just had a loss). We offer many services to women who have just received the news so check out our website in a few days--it will be up and running by the end of this week. Probably see you around town!

bp said...

Hello, I am visiting from Kelly's Korner. My husband grew up in the Waco area and still has family there.

God bless,

Girl Child said...

hey girl.. found 3 more similarities between us in this post.. so I'm thinking that one of us needs to win the lottery and then send those vibes to the other.. get on it will ya!