Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fun in the Sun

on memorial day i wanted to go to the pool at the Y so bad - but roy was being a bore and ryan does what daddy does when he's home - and aidan was grounded.  so - i asked cole if he wanted to go with mommy to the pool and of course he said yes!  he pretty much likes to do whatever i do - especially if it involves going somewhere :)

i packed a bag and got us changed and off we went - leaving the bores behind!  we had such a fun time.  i wish i had been able to get more pictures - but with it just being the two of us - i wasn't comfortable trying to take pics in the water.

this was our first time ever at the Y pool - and it was so nice.  very clean and well kept and it was pretty big too!  there was a good size kiddie pool/play area - complete with a little water slide.  cole loved that!  he probably went down it 20 times!  we also ventured over to the "big water" and he jumped off the side to me a few times.  he loved that too!  he also practiced kicking his legs and climbing out by himself.  such a big boy!

he loves the water and i think we will be spending many summer days there this summer!  hopefully next time the other boys will want to join us!

one good thing about fun in the sun and at the pool is it makes for long naps afterwards ;)  cole was one sleepy boy when we got back home and he took a good, long nap!

only two more days of school left for aidan and then we can say that summer has officially started!  


Tesha said...

He is so cute and looks thrilled to be at the pool! Yeaaaa summer is here!

~Shelly~ said...

Aw nice date with mama! Im sure he really enjoyed the alone time! What did Aiden do to get grounded so close to summer?! LOL