Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kindergarten Round-Up

ryan had kindergarten round-up tonight.  kindergarten already?!  excuse me a sec while i go cry...

i just can't grasp the fact that he is 5 and starting school in a few months.  i know i've been thru this before, but it's just as hard this time around.  and i'm sure will be again when cole starts.  i'm having a hard time accepting that i am out of the having babies stage and getting more and more into the having big boys stage. 


this post was supposed to be happy.  oops.

{on our way}

anyhoo - kindergarten round-up :)  it was fun being back at the elementary school and seeing how much it has changed since aidan was there.  aidan had fun seeing old teachers and i bawled laughed as they couldn't believe how tall he has gotten and how grown up he is.  {sigh}

we got to meet the new kindergarten teachers and see the classrooms.  we don't know who his teacher is yet - but it was nice to be able to meet them all.  ryan was so shy to talk to the teachers and is very intimidated by this whole process.  but - he did love seeing all the neat stuff in the classrooms!  good thing we have all summer to get ready!  we are going to need it!

i know he will love school and he will become such a big boy there.  hopefully roy will be a big boy too when we drop him off on the first day ;)

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Tesha said...

He is so cute I love the pictures!