Thursday, May 24, 2012


yesterday was a bittersweet day for my husband's family. his uncle tom (roy's mom's brother) passed away on monday morning and his funeral was yesterday. bitter because of the loss of roy's uncle - and sweet because we were able to spend a lot of time with his aunts and uncles and cousins and now their children. i love roy's family. they have embraced me so graciously and love our boys. that's all this girl needs in life :)

my husband's uncle was a wonderful man who was full of life and his greatest wish was to see all his family be together. he would have been a happy man yesterday.

i have to share this detail because it just brought joy to my heart: tom's favorite beer was lonestar - i know can you believe?! ha! - and so all the cousins and his daughters went to his graveside after the funeral and burial and we all sat around talking and they reminisced about growing up all together and we just sat out there in lawn chairs and blankets and drank lonestar. we had a big cooler full! it was something that I know his daughters and his nieces and nephews will cherish for a lifetime. that's what tom loved to do - hang out with his family and drink his lonestar! isn't life so simple sometimes?!

yesterday evening we all ventured over to another aunt and uncle's home and had a huge BBQ complete with swimming and football. good memories. my boys loved every second of it and so did we.

uncle tom ~ your presence will be greatly missed - but you will never be forgotten.  you can bet this family will keep your memory and spirit alive.  may you rest in peace.

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Tesha said...

I am sorry to hear the bad news, but it is wonderful that you enjoyed the family. I am sure uncle Tom was smiling down from Heaven. Love the pictures.