Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Little Here + A Little There

our weekend was pretty boring and layed back.  actually all of last week was.  this was my first week to start my summer vacay - so i was pretty excited about that!  in case you're wondering - i quit working 2 summers ago in order to go back to school full time and get my bachelor's degree.  i want to teach junior high english - i know - i'm special ;)  i eventually want to get my masters to teach on the community college level.  one step at a time!

so - our week was fairly quiet.  we did join the YMCA the week before last - so i have been kind of addicted to going there.  aidan and i met with one of their trainers and had him walk us thru a good work-out session for us both in the weight room.  i'm so glad about that because i really have no clue about those kinds of things.  clearly.  just look at me.  i love cookies.  and cake.  and brownies.  anyway...

we've done the weight room together and the treadmills and the stationary bikes.  i like all those things - but i tend to get bored if that's all i do.  so wednesday i tried a body shaping class with a friend from church and i really liked it!  i was probably one of the worst ones in there - but who cares.  that's one good thing about getting 'older' - you tend to not care about that stuff anymore :)  then thursday i tried a yoga class.  i'll be honest - i have always thought yoga was for weird people and not something i would ever enjoy - but i LOVED it!  it was so relaxing and i left there feeling long, lean, and limber!  now don't get me wrong - i was sweating like a pig and wasn't the greatest at all the poses/movements - but i gave it my all!  and i'll definitely be going back :)

last saturday we all traveled to nacogdoches for the day to see my little brother graduate from SFA.  it was a long day with 3 boys - but i wouldn't have missed it!  it was nice to see some family that i haven't seen in awhile and just enjoy the day all together.  i am so proud of my brother. 

{how a 2 yr old stays entertained during a 3 hr graduation}

{how a 5 yr old stays entertained}

{how a 30-something stays entertained - not really!  ryan took that ;)}

{my handsome graduate}

{our 5 plus the graduate!  clearly two people were not interested in picture taking...}


Tesha said...

How awesome you are working out. I have always loved to work out but I have not gotten back into since Jonathan was born. I know your proud of your brother, he is quite handsome. I love the blue dress;)

~Shelly~ said...

Congrats to him! Btw- where did u get that dress!!??

Nicole Rodriguez said...

Dress is from Old Navy! Thank you!!!

Girl Child said...

You go girl.. those classes burn some major calories! I go alone, but after a while you see the same faces in the same classes and become friends.. I love my gym friends and it makes going that much cooler! Sorry to hear about Uncle Tom, but I am totally loving the gravesite get together.. I'm sure that made him feel so loved.. and it probably validated the fact he has the coolest relatives! LOL