Friday, May 11, 2012


aidan thinks he's a man now - as if he didn't already!  he has been sportin' what we like to refer to as a "douch-stache" - haha!  i know that sounds so wrong - but we all think it's so funny!  it looked just like derek holland's mustache - you know - the RANGERS pitcher ;)

anyway - it was time to do something about it.  i tried to take him to get it waxed - but he refused.  he's only 12 - so i wasn't quite ready for him to shave yet - but roy promised me it wasn't going to grow back in full swing overnight.  he better be right. 

so - daddy got after it and showed him the ropes on how to shave.  {insert me crying here}

i'll let the pictures speak for themselves - some are pretty funny!  he's a dork and is always trying to be funny!

{don't mind the hair on his back - ha! - i had just cut his hair and we hadn't cleaned him up}

{two little brothers watching their big brother}

{my handsome boy}

how we've gotten to this point - i'll never know.  everyday i'm watching him turn into a young man.  {sigh}


Tesha said...

OH I love this I have the biggest smile right now!!!! I have a fourteen year old and how he rejoiced when he got to first shave about 6 months ago. Boys are so fun, I was always terrified to have a teenage boy but really it is great! I love all the wonderful pictures they will be a family treasure forever :)

Tesha said...
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Miranda said...

I'm sorry but I'm cracking up here. Him's a big boy now momma. I remember shaving my legs for the first time..... My mom didn't know. Yes I know I'm such a
Rebel. ;) ha

~Shelly~ said...

OMG that is SO cute haha!! And...wait a that Roy...IN A RANGERS SHIRT??? :P

Girl Child said...

I loved the little stash.. my friends son had the same thing (13) and she made him shave it too.. I think I'd let my kid rock it.. no?? I mean it's like cutting off a girls tatas.. that's proof he's a "man" mom!!! Idk, maybe when it's my kid I'll change my mind..

Michelle said...

OK, the littles watching their big brother is the CUTEST thing ever.